Complaints and Compliments

How do I make a complaint?

Your family member and you are important to us and we want your family member or loved one to feel safe and be comfortable to raise any concerns they may have. Each service has a complaints procedure which will be made available to you and your family member when they arrive in one of our services. However if you do not feel comfortable raising your concerns directly with the service you can contact

You may also choose to take up the issue with the relevant regulator:

CQC is the independent regulator of health and social care in England:

HIW is the independent regulator of healthcare in Wales:

CIW is the independent regulator of social care in Wales:

How do I share something positive?

It is always good to hear when we are doing things well. Feel free to write or tell staff or the Manager of the service what has please you. You can also email any feedback to us at:

More information about how to make a complaint or compliment can be found on our pdf, downloadable here: