Elysium’s first staff member receives the COVID-19 vaccine

Congratulations and thank you to Jessica Taylor, Group Home Manager at Elysium Care Partnerships for being the first member of Elysium staff to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Jessica had expressed her interest in being included in the first round of vaccines and within 48 hours had her appointment confirmed.

In her own words Jessica tells us about her experience:

“I arrive at St Georges Hospital and sat in the waiting room to complete my paperwork and book the follow up appointment. I was sat down in one of the cubicles and joined by the Lead Consultant for Infectious Diseases. She asked me how I felt about having the vaccine, confidently told me about the research and testing that has gone into its development. She discussed the side effects and talked me through how the vaccine works. Even though she was wearing a mask it was easy to see the relief in her eyes that the light at the end of the tunnel is now that bit closer.

The atmosphere in the room was unlike anything else, you could feel the positivity and the excitement that this was finally happening. Being in this environment really made me think about how hard our NHS has been working for us over the last few months, and taking the vaccine is not only going to protect me and everyone I care for, but will also give these amazing doctors and nurses the break that they deserve.

The decision to take the vaccine was not something I took lightly; I had my doubts and questions like everyone else. The information provided, supported me to make an informed decision for myself.

Although I know that it’s quite likely I’d be fine if I contracted COVID-19, I never want to be responsible for passing this deadly virus onto someone else who can’t fight it. I know that having the vaccine is the right thing for me and everyone else in my life, and I’m proud to say that I’ve done everything I can to protect those I care for.”

The latest government advice about the coronavirus vaccine can be found here