Elysium Successfully Launches New Weight Management & Fitness Plan for Staff and Patients

We are delighted to announce the introduction of a new health and fitness plan ‘Mission Fit’ to our rehabilitation services across the UK. The programme has previously been trialled at two of our services, The Spinney and Arbury Court, where a combined weight loss of 65.1kg has been achieved.

Mission Fit is a unique weight management and fitness plan designed to help our staff and patients work together to achieve their health and fitness goals. Participants will explore different elements of a healthy lifestyle covering key topics each week including the importance of exercise, food groups and lifestyle choices.

Patients and staff will join forces to complete a 13 week programme which involves several joint exercise and education sessions, providing participants with a shared experience and encouraging ownership and enthusiasm across the group. Members will set weekly, achievable goals; fitness related incentives will be offered at key points in the programme to keep participants engaged.


Benefits of Mission Fit

The Mission Fit programme supports patients to take responsibility for their weight and activity levels; skills that can be maintained on discharge. The programme offers the following benefits:

  • A healthy weight loss if the programme is followed correctly
  • Improved knowledge around leading a healthy lifestyle
  • Improved self-esteem, self-control and ability to rise to a challenge
  • Increased community engagement with local sports and leisure facilities
  • Increased levels of social inclusion in the local community
  • Increased staff and patient engagement 


We’re excited to get the programme off the ground and are looking forward to the positive outcomes for our staff and patients.


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