Elysium Healthcare host Koestler Awards private viewing


Elysium Healthcare Koestler Awards 2019 SubmissionElysium Healthcare once again host their annual private viewing of this years’ Koestler Awards at The Southbank Centre.

“Another Me”, this year’s UK exhibition will be curated by award-winning musician Soweto Kinch, one of the most exciting and versatile musicians in both the British jazz and hip-hop scenes.

Over 150 artworks will be on display, from music and poetry to paintings, drawings and sculpture.

The title for the exhibition invites visitors to reassess their perceptions of people who have spent time inside. The show runs from 19th September to 3rd November 2019 at Southbank Centre, London.


On 26th September Elysium Healthcare welcome invited guests and staff to join them. The evening is a chance to enjoy the outstanding art produced by ex-offenders, secure patients and detainees, entered into the 2019 Koestler Awards. The exhibition includes award winning pieces produced by people supported across Elysium services.

Artwork: “Romantic Interlude”, BB, Elysium Services