Elysium Healthcare is acquired by Ramsay Health Care

Elysium Healthcare is delighted to announce that it has been acquired by Ramsay Health Care.

Under our new ownership, our executive leadership team and our day-to-day operations will not change but this change in ownership, to such a long standing and well-regarded organisation, means that we can continue to expand and develop our services for the long-term future.

Ramsay Health Care is a global health care operator employing more than 80,000 people at more than 460 sites across Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia.  It provides quality health care to over eight-million patients per year through a network of hospitals, day surgeries, specialist clinics and primary care units.

In the UK, Ramsay operates 41 facilities and is a leading independent provider to the NHS, caring for over 200,000 patients per year with support from over 7,000 staff and 3,000 consultants.

Ramsay has a global operating model in mental health, and it will be well placed to use this experience, position, and scale to provide outstanding services within the UK.

Both Elysium and Ramsay are closely aligned in terms of values and our wish to provide the very best healthcare.

The transaction is due to complete in early 2022.