Students & Admission

Students we work with

We provide specialist education and learning opportunities for the students who have been admitted to the hospital school. Our provision is commissioned by a young person’s Local Education Authority who agree to meet our fees for each placement.


Family Involvement

We understand and recognise that our students are admitted to hospital from across the country and in some cases, beyond.

Through the Key Teacher system, we actively promote and encourage strong partnerships with all stakeholders involved in a young person’s care and education. We support close interaction between all parties, including parents and carers as we they play a crucial role in the growth and development of our students, in particular when a young person is discharged from our care.

Open and transparent communication is key and we encourage people to let us know what works best for them in terms of staying in touch. The school provides education reports for Care Planning Approach (CPA) which is led by the hospital.

We welcome your feedback both positive and supportive to ensure your child receives the best education whilst at the hospital. Should you need to, we have a rigorous complaints system and a policy is in place to support this process. Please see our policies section for further information.

Information on Potters Bar Clinic School for Parents and Carers is given out on admission but can also be found here.

Potters Bar Clinic School Parent & Carer Guide