Potters Bar Clinic School

Helping each student
find their own voice,
develop their own talents
and become a confident

Potters Bar Clinic School is an integral part of the care and treatment programme facilitated within the hospital for young people with social, emotional and mental health issues.

All young people admitted to the hospital attend this on site provision. Young people attending our service will continue to study subjects chosen at their home school or College where possible.

Headteacher’s Vision

We work closely with the team at the hospital to provide a holistic programme which meets the needs of every student. We use the hospital admission process to address any gaps in a young person’s knowledge and help students by addressing any educational challenges that they may face.

Fostering resilience, independence and confidence in a young person’s attitude towards their studies is key to our success and all are encouraged to maintain a healthy balance between their studies and well-being

Eileen Field


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