“We put children and young people at the heart of all that we do”

Potters Bar Clinic School

Helping each student
find their own voice,
develop their own talents
and become a confident

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Potters Bar Clinic School is an integral part of the care and treatment programme facilitated within the hospital for young people with social, emotional and mental health issues.

All young people admitted to the hospital attend this on site provision. Young people attending our service will continue to study subjects chosen at their home school or college where possible.

Head Teacher’s Vision

Education is more than just memorising facts or the retention of knowledge. It is the belief a young person has to develop within themselves to be able to achieve. It is teamwork and developing mutual respect. We encourage young people to be inquisitive and develop a love of learning within a safe and supportive environment.


At Potters Bar Clinic School we teach a variety of subjects. We also nurture values, learn how to understand one another, the world we live in and promote the difference between right and wrong. We are committed to developing every young person as a whole, hand-in-hand with the Multidisciplinary Team.

Tara Stowe                Head Teacher