Curriculum & Planning

Our curriculum is mainly based on the areas of study suggested by each young person’s home school. This is so that continuity is maintained and students continue to progress within their usual setting.

Where this is not possible or appropriate, Cotswold Spa Hospital School has developed its own holistic curriculum to ensure it meets the need of each student.

Curriculum and Planning

 “Pupils do, indeed, keep up with their classmates back at school. The high-quality teaching they receive often helps pupils to make progress beyond that anticipated by their ‘home’ school.” Ofsted Report, July 2019

Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4

Subjects offered to patients at Cotswold Spa Hospital School are primarily core curriculum subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. We facilitate a patient’s studies through strong links with home schools, to allow pupils to continue completing work set by their own school, maintaining their links to aid integration on recovery.


With subject specialists in: English Language, English Literature,

Modern Foreign Languages, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Art


With support and guidance in: Music, Latin, Physical Education (theory), Dance (theory), Theatre Studies, Business Studies, ICT

PSHE, Citizenship and Enrichment

PSHE and Citizenship are taught weekly to keep students engaged and informed in important real-world events and life skills. Throughout the courses they learn about various aspects of health, relationships, society, law, and what it means to be British. The school curricula for these subjects are available on request.

In addition to these vital subjects, students participate in timetabled finance, careers, current affairs and performing arts sessions to enrich their learning and skills beyond their academic subjects.


Sixth Form patients are able to continue their studies, across a wide range of subjects, working independently in a calm environment with access to the internet should any questions arise that cannot be covered by our teaching staff. We facilitate this by strong links to home school.


With subject specialists in: English Language and Literature, Sciences, Modern Foreign Languages, Psychology, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Art

With guidance and support all other areas of the curriculum can be covered.


We are a registered examination centre so patients can sit public examinations from GCSEs to A-levels. These examinations are conducted according to JCQ guidelines in the calm environment of the hospital. This is usually done through a transferred candidate arrangement with the patient’s home school or college. We are able to enter patients as independent candidates and have previously allowed ex-patients to sit their exams if not attending a school or college in the community, in order to see their studies through to a successful conclusion.


Students follow a careers curriculum and impartial careers advice is available with support and guidance on how to find out any information relevant to their choice. This may be talking about career pathways via school, college, university or apprenticeship. We can also offer advice on personal statements and CVs.  Due to the nature of students’ illness, it is not practicable to carry out work experience during their admission but we are committed to providing opportunities to visit different work places or to discuss careers with external speakers from various fields.