About Cotswold Spa Hospital School

Key Information about Cotswold Spa Hospital School

School Name:                                    Cotswold Spa Hospital School

School Address:                               Cotswold Spa, Station Road, Broadway, Worcestershire, WR12 7DE

School telephone number:           01386 853523

Head Teacher:                                   Catherine Woodsmith

Proprietor:                                         Kath Murphy T: 07469 084670 E: kath.murphy@elysiumhealthcare.co.uk

Our Core Values

Our values were created in partnership with those we support, their families, and our people. We all voted and decided together which values we hold most dear and which ones unite us all. Our values are standards which we will uphold each and every day. 

Kindness –

in everything we say and do

Integrity –

being honest and doing the right thing

Teamwork –

working together to deliver great care and outcomes

Excellence –

being outstanding at what we do

Our Objective

Our overarching objective is to ensure that all students at the school receive a curriculum that whilst maintaining its breadth, is personalised to meet every individual’s needs within the context of assisting in the care and treatment programme facilitated in conjunction with the hospital.

Mission Statement

 We aim at the Cotswold Spa Hospital School, to make each patient’s stay with us a positive experience, where the education provided here is as normal as possible, in what can seem a very abnormal situation. Where possible we aim to help the young people in our care to see the value of education and the benefits it brings to them and society at large.  We endeavour to help equip our patients with skills and knowledge to help them lead a happy and contented life.

The team are committed to providing comprehensive treatment which supports the young person and their family who are experiencing the impact of an eating disorder. We provide help with weight restoration combined with an intensive therapeutic package working with the young person and their family or carers.

We offer a range of therapeutic groups and workshops to enable the young person to think about what is happening to them, to feel comfortable expressing their feelings and to make behavioural changes.


Catherine Woodsmith

Head Teacher