“We put children and young people at the heart of all that we do”

Potters Bar

CAMHS Service

What we provide

Potters Bar Clinic offers CAMHS Tier 4 low secure services for young people aged 13 up to 18 years with a wide range of disorders and complex needs.


Our aim is to deliver, treat and empower each young person to live a safe and independent life and reach their individual potential.


Our 18 bed inpatient unit is set over two wards (Opal and Jasper) and offers a safe and nurturing environment to support and aid recovery. The young people are encouraged to individualise their own en-suite bedrooms in order for them to feel comfortable and at home.

Each ward has a laundry, dining area, quiet room and communal living space to give the young people the opportunity to socialise with their peers and be as independent as possible in an environment where they do not feel isolated.

Onsite we have an Ofsted registered school to enable the young people to continue with their schooling whilst in treatment. They are legally required to attend school unless medical staff consider they are too unwell to do so. The school timetable and attendance expectations are tailored to meet their needs.  This helps to ease re-integration and transition to home or the community when they are ready for discharge. Each young person will have their own individual education programme.


We have a dedicated multidisciplinary team for each ward, providing person centred treatment and care that is tailored to meet each individual’s needs.

Our therapies focus on the four core skill areas, mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation and interpersonal effectiveness. We aim to equip the young people with coping skills that will increase resilience, reduce self-injury and enable them to monitor, regulate and manage their emotions.

Young people are also given the opportunity to engage in appropriate therapeutic programmes such as family and trauma therapy and Real Work Simulation Programme.

Whom we treat

We treat children and young people aged 13 up to 18 years
years with a wide range of disorders and complex needs.

Admission Criteria

  • Aged 13 up to 18
  • Mixed gender
  • Detained under Part II or Part III of the Mental Health Act 1983 (amended 2007)
  • Cannot be safely managed in an open environment, does not require a medium secure setting, and is assessed as having needs that cannot be managed by a short term admission to a PICU
  • May be under a restriction order by the Ministry of Justice
  • May present a risk of harm to others or themselves or suffers from a behavioural disturbance that requires inpatient care, specialist risk management procedures and a specialist treatment intervention 

Potters Bar Clinic CQC Report

Contact Us

Potters Bar Clinic, 190 Barnet Road, Potters Bar, EN6 2SE

Telephone number: 01707 858585

Referral line: 0800 218 2398

Email: referrals@elysiumhealthcare.co.uk

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