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Brook House

Day Patient Service for Eating Disorders

About Brook House

Brook House is a specialist day patient eating disorder service for young people aged 13 to 17 and adults aged 18 plus who have a primary diagnosis of an eating disorder. There is a young person programme and an adult programme which run on different days.

The programme has been developed for individuals who may have previously been admitted to an inpatient service or for those who require additional support in the community.

Brook House can also form part of the care pathway for those who are currently an inpatient to help reduce length of stay, improve outcomes, and offer further support once discharged.

The team can also support young people to transition from CAMHS to adult services if required.

Care Approach

Weekly reviews are undertaken of each individual’s care including risk assessments, daily assessments and crisis planning where required. Regular meetings and weekly updates to the community teams support the development of a relapse prevention plan and shape the discharge plan back to the community team or primary care.

Individualised care plans provide meal support, motivational behavioural strategies with access to evidence-based therapies and family interventions. There are also opportunities for recreational and social activities.

Our Programmes

Geography and day-to-day life can sometimes make it difficult to attend in person. The programme can therefore be offered and delivered virtually, face to face or by using a combination of both, allowing people to have more flexibility whilst remaining in full-time education or employment.

Our in person, face to face programme

After an initial assessment, adults and young people will be offered a 6-12-week programme, based on individual need. The programme can be attended 3-5 days a week, or on a sessional basis.

The programme consists of:

  • specialist therapy groups

  • nutrition groups

  • weekly individual therapy

  • supported meals

  • regular registered Dietitian/Occupational Therapy sessions

All the above groups are designed to benefit adults and young people and will be delivered by experienced practitioners, for example, access to a dietitian to discuss menu planning and nutrition for use in the community.

Virtual Online Programme

Our online programme provides a flexible option to those who may be unable to attend the day patient service in person. The virtual programme can be designed to support adults and young people at home via MS Teams or Zoom.

Following an initial assessment, adults and young people can access a treatment programme that can be delivered over a period of 6-12 weeks dependent on personal needs.

Our virtual online programme can be accessed mornings or afternoons between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. Group work is also delivered during this time.


The programme consists of:

  • specialist therapy groups

  • nutrition groups

  • supported meals

  • weekly individual therapy

  • regular registered Dietitian/Occupational Therapy sessions

All our programmes are designed to offer
psychological and dietetic input with
psycho-educational interventions which may

  • motivational enhancement
  • emotional coping skills
  • independent living skills and goal setting
  • social and work skills
  • meal support

For families and carers, we offer: ​

  • family focused therapies
  • family forum support groups
  • skills based carer advice
  • meal support strategies

Families may be able to attend the online support during the evenings. This can be discussed with the Lead Therapist.

Partnership working

Prior to joining the day patient programme individual assessments are undertaken to consider risks and physical health status. We work in partnership with existing community and primary care services to manage risk, crisis, and secondary mental health support.

Admission Criteria

  • Young persons’ service – all genders aged 13-17
  • Adult service – all genders aged 18 plus
  • Primary diagnosis of an eating disorder including Bulimia Nervosa, Anorexia Nervosa, or Disordered Eating

Contact Us

Brook House, Station Road, Broadway Worcestershire, WR12 7DE

Telephone number: 01386 570888

Referral line: 0800 218 2398

Email: referrals@elysiumhealthcare.co.uk

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