About Bere Clinic School

Key Information about Bere Clinic School

School Name:                                    Bere Clinic School

School Address:                               Hemlock Road, Waterlooville, Hampshire, PO8 8QT

School telephone number:          023 9431 4108

Head Teacher:                                   Sarah Taylor

Proprietor:                                         Kath Murphy T: 07469 084670 E: kath.murphy@elysiumhealthcare.co.uk

Our Core Values

Our values were created in partnership with those we support, their families, and our people. We all voted and decided together which values we hold most dear and which ones unite us all. Our values are standards which we will uphold each and every day.

Kindness –

in everything we say and do

Integrity –

being honest and doing the right thing

Teamwork –

working together to deliver great care and outcomes

Excellence –

being outstanding at what we do

Our Objective

Our overarching objective is to ensure that all young people at the school receive a curriculum that whilst maintaining its breadth is personalised, to meet every individual’s needs within the context of assisting in the core treatment programme facilitated within the hospital.

Mission Statement

We aim to provide a positive and ultimately rewarding learning and educational experience. We will do this by providing a personalised, high quality curriculum aimed at ensuring that those in our care are not disadvantaged by their hospitalisation and are able to keep pace with their studies and peers.

We work closely with the team at the hospital to provide a holistic programme which meets the needs of every young person. We use the hospital admission process to address any gaps in a young person’s knowledge and help by addressing any educational challenges that they may face. Fostering resilience, independence, and confidence in a young person’s attitude towards their studies is key to our success and all are encouraged to maintain a healthy balance between their studies and well-being.

Our school environment is located on the hospital site and is a welcoming, bright space that fosters learning. The classroom environment is designed to meet the specific learning needs of each young person.

Many of our students enjoy contributing to their learning area with inspiring quotations and creative pieces of artwork. The school is a calm and purposeful environment, supported by our high standards and expectations in areas such as behaviour and attendance.

Bere Clinic School is committed to providing an environment in which all pupils can feel safe, happy, accepted and confident, so that they are able to develop to their full potential and successfully return to education.

We promote a safe place to succeed in every way so that young people can:

• Find their voice

• Realise their potential

• Invest in themselves and their future

Our Specialist Team

We understand the importance of providing learning opportunities that are stimulating, fun and challenging, embedded within an environment where all young people feel safe, and can develop their confidence to take risks and make progress. However, none of this is possible without a dedicated staff team to help young people realise their potential.

To meet the needs of our young people within our services, our teachers are experienced subject specialists with qualified teacher status. They are trained in the area of SEMH with specific reference to eating disorders and supported by medical staff when required.

We offer a holistic care and treatment programme which is dovetailed with the school provision. More information about this can be found on the hospital pages.  We value the contributions made by home schools, each LEA and parents/carers to facilitate the highest expectations and most positive outcomes for our young people. Every young person is allocated an education keyworker. This is a central component of our provision as this person will oversee the progress and outcomes achieved at every stage of a young person’s stay at the hospital. Through regular meetings and our unique timetable, we support each young person to take responsibility for both their learning and behaviour by giving them opportunities to make informed choices that contribute
towards their future.

Fundamental to our approach is a positive relationship, based on mutual respect, where young people are encouraged to contribute to a positive dialogue with adults and to be part of the decision-making process regarding their education and aspirations. Ultimately, we wish every young person to achieve their ambitions by gaining optimum independence and achieve qualifications which will allow them to participate in their community and to lead a full and happy life.

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Sarah Taylor

Head Teacher