A day in the life of Marmite, PAT dog at St Neots Hospital

Hello!  My name is Marmite, and my mummy is the Lead Nurse at St Neots Hospital, in Cambridgeshire.  I joined Elysium Healthcare as a Pets as Therapy Dog in December 2018 at St Neots Hospital and my companionship provides significant benefits to the physical, emotional and social wellbeing of our patients.

At St Neots, our patients have a variety of deteriorating neurological disorders and not all of them can move around like they once used to.

My days are busy at the hospital and full of fun things to do with patients.

Today my day started with a visit to Willow Ward, where the patients love to play out in the garden with me throwing the ball up and down.  I love rolling around in the leaves and I get really excited if the ball lands in the leaves! My next stop was to join the patients in the lounge. I love lots of attention from the patients!

I then went on to visit Cherry Ward.  Sadly many of the ladies on Cherry Ward cannot move about much, so I visited some of them in their rooms, and it was lovely to see them smile, laugh and most importantly, give me lots of strokes!  Some of the ladies showed the staff that they were enjoying seeing me by sitting up straight so they could stroke me. I was able to show the ladies on the ward that I am a very clever girl and can follow lots of commands. One of the ladies wanted to keep me on the ward, but I like to go home with mummy after a busy day.


On Maple Ward I visited one of the ladies in her room as she prefers to be alone – this was a new adventure.  The staff were really happy I make the patients smile, and one lady leapt out of her bed to come and see me, and I really enjoyed her throwing the ball for me in the garden.  It was fun playing in the garden with the ladies, and it was nice to see them smiling and enjoying their time with me.

My final stop was Rowan Ward. I was lucky enough to be taken for a very long walk in the park, and I enjoyed working with a young man with Huntingtons Disease, although he wasn’t a fan after I went to the toilet!  However, he helped keep the environment clean and laughed whilst doing so.  I really responded positively to him and made sure that I did what he asked me to.

It was exhausting but very rewarding playing with the patients. By the end of the day, I need a snooze in my bed before mummy takes me home.  I sleep really well after my busy day at St Neots!

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