Complex Trauma Pathway at The Farndon Unit

The Farndon Unit offers two treatment pathways for its female patients. The Complex Trauma Pathway was developed by Clinical Director, Phil Coombes in 2011 and is effective for women who have experienced significant trauma. The aim of the pathway is to help patients feel safe and in control of their lives.

The trauma pathway incorporates NICE guidance interventions alongside Herman’s phased based approach to trauma. The first phase looks at increasing the patient’s knowledge and creating a sense of safety and trust. Patients are then introduced to compassion and a less judgmental way of thinking about themselves and others.

Phase two looks at understanding and processing the historic trauma. Patient use the skills developed in stage one and apply these to trauma memories to try and allow safe recall and understanding. Phase three involves the integration of the new narrative of the trauma and engenders hope for the future.

The pathway is supported by Compassion Focussed Therapy (CFT) which involves intensive psychoeducation about the biological component to behaviours, as well as psychological and physiological responses. CFT supports patients to develop compassionate thinking, compassionate behaviour and compassionate feeling.

For more information about the Complex Trauma Pathway at The Farndon Unit or any other Elysium Healthcare service, please contact Caroline Carnell .