Co-production at Chadwick Lodge

Chadwick Lodge is a mixed gender secure service in Milton Keynes. Service User Involvement is valued and embedded into the culture, clinical delivery and service delivery at Chadwick Lodge. Some incentives, initiatives, service development and on-going Service User involvement opportunities that are operational include:

  • Interview panels
  • Specialist training in relation to experience of personality disorder
  • Expert by experience presentations – Sex Offender Treatment Programme Ward reps feedback to ward Clinical Governance
  • Induction training for new staff
  • Buddy training for ward reps
  • Recovery College co-facilitation
  • Events planning
  • Assessments of the care environment
  • Chair at Service User forum and CPA meetings
  • Weekly Service User Involvement meeting

Co-production is not a new concept to at Chadwick Lodge; however, until eighteen months ago Service User Involvement at Chadwick Lodge was predominantly focused on local involvement, with the exception of Conference Planning. This has significantly changed and we have worked hard to involve Service Users in corporate initiatives that enhance the wider organisation while also improving involvement at site. In order to evolve Service User Involvement, we asked their input in relation to their experience at Chadwick Lodge. The creation of local, regional and corporate policies/ procedures was an area Service Users felt they did not have a voice in. Service Users requested to complete audits of practices that impact them directly. With this information, we implemented the following developments to our service delivery at Chadwick Lodge:

  • Service User Policies/ Procedures Review group
  • Service User Audit group
  • Service User audit of Elysium Annual Service User audit 2017/18
  • Service User reps attending Senior Leadership meetings
  • Reducing Restrictive Practice
  • Physical Health Group
  • Service User Rep/Service User Involvement Lead feedback to monthly local Governance all aspects of Service User Involvement

Service Users attend Reducing Restrictive Practice meetings with senior leaders at the hospital. The group discuss areas of restrictive practice, TMVA, mechanical restraints, rapid tranquillisation, and procedural, operational and clinical restrictions. Service Users say:

It feels good to be involved in RRP meetings across the hospital. It’s good to learn what is going on and what is being done about restrictive practice. It is informative and gives me a sense of responsibility. It can help other Service Users to understand restrictive practice and helps me to build skills for future employment, builds my confidence and makes me feel valued.

MSU Men’s pathway

Being part of the RRP group has made me feel part of the service and has allowed me to have a voice and it now feels like things are not just being done to me. I have a voice and can input into the service.

LSU Men’s pathway

Service Users are invited to Physical Health meetings with senior staff ensuring a co-productive review of the Elysium Physical Health Strategy. Service Users are involved in action planning, Health Awareness days, and delivery of education/training around health, fitness and nutrition. Service Users, together with the fitness instructor, have re-developed the health and fitness programme at Chadwick Lodge.

Service User Audit Group

During 2018, Service Users conducted service audits, evaluated data and formulated audit reports forming part of Elysium’s annual audit requirements and are as follows:

  • Community meeting audit – benchmarked against Elysium Community Meeting standards
  • 1:1 primary nursing sessions – benchmarked against the Elysium standards of weekly 1:1 with primary nurse
  • Environmental PLACE – benchmarked against NHS England PLACE
  • Food PLACE – adapted from NHS England PLACE
  • Care Plan – benchmarked against the My Shared Pathway care plans and Elysium standards of co-production of care plan development

Over the last year Service Users have evaluated policies. Service Users also reviewed Elysium Patient Satisfaction Survey results 2016/17 and provided feedback for future development:

  • Provision and use of CCTV
  • Safe and Therapeutic management of violence and aggression
  • Smoking
  • Search
  • Mobile phone policy
  • Online shopping
Does co-production make a difference at Chadwick Lodge?

All Service User involvement at Chadwick Lodge is reported to hospital governance framework and escalated into regional and corporate governance. We are continuously looking for new ways to involve our Service Users in the development of the service. The evolution of Service User Involvement has given Service Users the opportunity to play a significant role in improving clinical care, understanding and awareness of governance, and the influence Service Users can have on this process. Work on audits, policy reviews, service evaluation and participation in forums enables a broader perspective. Our co-productive approach makes a real difference in decision making and their experience at Chadwick Lodge.