Ciro’s Blog – PAT Dog, St Neots Hospital

Hello humans!

My name is Ciro, AKA ‘The Flash’ as you can see from my bandana!

My mummy thinks that I will make a fantastic Pets as Therapy dog at St Neots Hospital but as I am under a year old, I am too young to start proper training to do this just yet.

When I visited today, it was like my first day at school. I am only 11 months old so my mum asked if I could come in to see how I liked it here. It was a bit scary to start with as I have never been in a lift but it was quite fun and boy, I was so happy to run around the offices and meet my new friends on the 2nd floor. I know that I have many more friends to meet in time but mum needs to make sure that I am comfortable and behave like a really good boy.

I found some of the sounds a little alarming at first as I didn’t know what they meant but I soon realised that these were not anything to worry about, and they didn’t even bother me after that.

I hope that once I have grown up a bit and can start working with the patients I will get lots of walks, which I know will help the people at St Neots practice their walking, improve fitness and hopefully help them retain their functional skills for as long as possible. I did meet one of the gentleman as I left for the day, who seemed to really like my sniffs and licks and left with a big smile on his face.

My favorite part was when Cheryl, the lovely Chef came up with lunch. It smelled so good! Oh, 2nd best part was when Louise, the Hospital Director, threw the ball for me and gave me some treats.

I am pretty big and still growing but I am just a gentle bear that loves people and hugs (and ball, don’t forget the ball).

I will be sharing the regular dog blog with Frank, another PAT dog in training, and of course Marmite who is still on her special leave, so speak soon!

Ciro x