Chadwick Lodge Masterclass: Working with women who have complex mental health needs and a history of deliberate fire setting

Wednesday 20th November 2019, 10am – 2pm
Chadwick Lodge, Chadwick Drive, Eaglestone, Milton Keynes MK6 5LS

The prevalence of fire setting behaviour amongst females with mental health difficulties is one of the most common precipitants of admission to secure services.  The masterclass will provide a comprehensive overview of the risk and treatment needs of women with a variety of complex mental health issues who have deliberately set fires. The session will also cover;

  • A discussion regarding treatment interventions for mental health and personality difficulties alongside those of fire setting behaviours
  • A programme overview, where a full range of treatment needs have been addressed, including personality difficulties, psychosis, fire setting and trauma.
  • Case examples combined with techniques for addressing and managing mental health and fire setting risk factors.
  • Reflections on working with an ever changing and increasingly complex population, including the importance of systemic and collaborative working.


The masterclass will be led by experienced clinicians at Chadwick Lodge including;

  • Karen Howell, Head of Psychology
  • Dr Rebecca Doyle, Senior Forensic Psychologist
  • Clare Peatson, Forensic Psychologist in Training


This is a FREE event with lunch provided. Our masterclasses have proven to be very popular so please book early as places are limited. To reserve your space please contact Caroline Carnell via email.