CEO Joy Chamberlain declares Aberbeeg officially open!

CEO Joy Chamberlain cuts the ribbon to declare Aberbeeg officially open!

Aberbeeg is a low secure service for men. The aim is to make sure that each Service User receives an individualised formulation of needs to ensure that the care and treatment delivered is appropriate. Upon admission a discharge plan will be created with the aims and objectives developed collaboratively with the Service User as to how to reach that goal.

Aberbeeg will use the “Safe Wards” model of care. The site will operate a 12 week therapeutic planning model. This means that Service Users will have a
therapeutic time table devised collaboratively with the multi-disciplinary team using meaningful and smart goals for a 12 week period. At the end of the
12 weeks it will be reviewed and changed to reflect the development and achievements made. Each Service User will develop a “positive behavioural support plan” with their primary nurse and the wider multi-disciplinary team where applicable.


The service is located within the boundaries of the county borough of Blaina Gwent, set in 11.5 acres of land with beautiful views of the Welsh countryside. Each Service User has an ensuite bedroom which they can personalise to their taste. There is a dining room, games room with a pool table, various computer games and a console along with a refreshments area.

The multi-disciplinary team will work to deliver high quality care which will include the following:

• Improvements in mental health and Service User symptoms
• Effective management of behaviour
• Reduction of risk such as self-harm and management of addictive behaviours
• Preparation for successful community living
• Maintaining good physical health
• Improved self-esteem & self-worth
• Managing mental health
• Improving self-care skills
• Improving living skills
• Building meaningful social networks
• Relationship building
• Responsibilities for structured day and maintaining wellbeing
• Improvements in identity/self-esteem related
• Building trust and hope
• Promoting work experience

For further information, or to discuss a potential referral, please contact:
24hr referral line: 0800 218 2398