Elysium Psychology Graduates Academy Programme

A unique opportunity combining work experience with exclusive online lectures and dedicated supervision from a psychologist.

Elysium Healthcare’s Academy for Psychology Graduates provides a unique 12 month opportunity to graduates who have studied psychology and are looking for the best start to their career.


What you can expect

The Academy will see you working as an Assistant Psychologist two days every month with supervision from an experienced on-site clinical or forensic psychologist. During these days your assigned psychologist will set tasks for you to complete; enhancing your skills and building your portfolio and CV.

The rest of the month you will be working as a Healthcare Assistant, gaining valuable work experience and exposure of working with service users.


In addition, you will have access to exclusive online lectures every month, which have been created by Elysium’s Psychology department, lead by our very own Professor Nick Alderman – Clinical Director, Neurobehavioural Rehabilitation Services for Elysium Neurological Services. These series of lectures have been carefully created to provide you with an exceptional resource to enhance your experience and support your personal development.


Psychology Graduates Academy Summary








One of the lectures will instead be a workshop, where you will meet up with Academy peers with face-to-face interaction on sessions to develop your interpersonal and professional skills. Topics will vary, but could include things like learning how to run a group, learning how to administer cognitive tests, a statistics session and CV development.


Where you could work

Across England and Wales, Elysium have over 70 sites covering four services: Mental Health, Neurological, Children & Education and Learning Disability & Autism. Each service is unique and provides bespoke care pathways to service users. As such, the need for psychologists varies from site to site, which means we have more capacity to offer places at some sites than others.

As a psychologist is a core part of the Academy experience, places can only be offered at sites where a psychologist is available. To ensure every graduate has a great experience, each psychologist will supervise a small number of graduates at any one time. All of this means that although across the country we have over 150 places to offer, it could easily mean that places in your area are not available or may already be taken. As such, applying for a position is the only way to know where we have availability at that time. So, complete the yellow form to get started.


Who are we looking for?

Due to the dedicated supervision you will receive from an on-site clinical or forensic psychologist, places are very limited. As such, places are only offered to psychology graduates who are the brightest, most capable and demonstrate the passion and desire to be the best. The minimum entry requirements are:

  • A 2.1 or first class degree in Psychology (accredited by the British Psychology Society)
  • Fulfilling all criteria to work as a Healthcare Assistant
  • To have the academic ability to successfully complete a postgraduate degree at doctoral level (As assessed by us)


If you match the above criteria, then make the first step on your career ladder the best possible. Apply today to secure your place.


What The Academy Includes:

  • Work as an Assistant Psychologist two days a month, and as a healthcare assistant the rest of the time
  • Dedicated supervision from a Psychologist
  • Regular Assistant Psychologist tasks set and assessed
  • Access to exclusive monthly online lectures
  • Annual Conference to showcase your work

Apply Today

Applications for the Academy are currently closed. We will begin accepting applicants for the 2021 cohort soon. Please check back at a later date.