Bromley Road Psychology Groups

At Bromley Road service users take part in psychology groups, which include Interpersonal Skills Group, Male Peer Support Group and Hearing Voices Group.

The Interpersonal Skills group aims to enhance communication and interaction skills of service users. Interpersonal learning can occur in the group setting, allowing for this group to be used as a mechanism for members to share their reactions and perceptions of each other’s behaviours.

The Male Peer Support Group is a group just for male service users. The aim of this group is to provide a supportive environment in which these male service users can discuss their emotions, relationships, sexual dysfunction, medication compliance and build positive relationships.

The Hearing Voices Group is an opportunity for people with similar experiences to come together and support one another while sharing their stories. This group offers a safe place for people who hear, see or sense things that other people may not, this allows for them to share their experiences and feel accepted, valued and understood. Service users can value different explanations for their visions and voices, allowing for peers to support each other. Hearing Voices is a user-led group, but currently is being facilitated by two members of staff who are encouraging service users to lead the group.

These groups act as a support network for service users, aiding in their personal recovery journeys. By sharing experiences, others can put their own experiences into perspective, as well as being able to offer ideas for overcoming challenges they have had to face that others may currently being dealing with.

Bromley Road is a rehabilitation service for men and women with enduring mental health issues and complex needs. Learn more about the service here: