Bromley Road Service Users set their New Year’s Resolutions

This week at Bromley Road Hospital, service users have been thinking about and discussing what their New Year’s resolutions will be. By setting a New Year’s resolution, it can help contribute to improved mental health and wellbeing, and encourages service users to look towards positive and healthy goal setting.

What is a New Year’s Resolution?


A New Year’s resolution is a tradition in which a person resolves to continue good practices, change an undesired trait or behaviour, to accomplish a personal goal or to improve their life.

Here are a few that our service users at Bromley Road shared;

  • To quit smoking
  • Save some money
  • To be more considerate towards family
  • To learn to cook continental food
  • To rebuild a past relationship


Those that have made New Year’s resolutions will be supported by the Nursing and Occupational Therapy team to create a plan of action as well as set realistic and achievable benchmarks to help them achieve their desired goal. Small and measurable ‘milestone’ targets have been proven to aid motivation and increase the chances of successfully achieving a set goal.

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