Elysium Healthcare gain new National Accreditation of their Training and Practice in the Therapeutic Management of Violence and Aggression Training from Restraint Reduction Network/British Institute of Learning Disabilities Association of Certified Training

Elysium Healthcare has gained the new accreditation status for their therapeutic management of violence and aggression and challenging behaviour from the Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) and The British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) Association of Certified Training.

The new standards were developed and agreed in 2018 in support of NHS England and NHS Improvement who are leading on a significant national programme which is focused on reducing restrictive practices. A pilot implementation project, with a small group of providers which included Elysium, was then commissioned to provide a critical review of the new standards in practice within a care setting before their official launch in April 2019.

The RRN Training Standards, endorsed by a wide range of professional bodies and leading experts focus on the fundamental principles of best practice in supporting vulnerable people when they are distressed and apply to people with mental health conditions, learning disabilities or dementia across education, health and care settings.

The stringent accreditation process recognised Elysium’s leading approach in ensuring that managing violence and aggression provision and practice is safe, evidence based, humane and governed to the highest standards.

Elysium is amongst a very small group of providers to be awarded the certification.

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