Aderyn team joins the annual Monmouth Raft Race 2021

The team at Aderyn has entered the annual Monmouth Rotary Club Raft Race for another year, a charity event raising money for St David’s Hospice Care.


Throughout the year, staff and service users at Aderyn have worked hard to re-build their raft from last year to enable ten members of staff to safely enter the race. We are lucky to have a supportive community network who has helped us with the welding for the raft frame and arranged a trailer to transfer the raft to and from the event. We also had help from Canal’s Rivers Trust, who donated life jackets and webbing straps to secure the barrels to the raft. Service user involvement included securing all parts to the raft, such as barrels and decking, painting and helping with safely transferring the raft.

The annual event, organised by the Rotary Club of Monmouth, is a 6.5 mile race down the beautiful River Wye, finishing in Whitebrook. 2021 marked the 55th annual race for the club, with all the proceeds going to the St David’s Hospice Care and Monmouth Rotary Club.

On the day of the event, the ward staff,, service users and families were there to support the crew (staff members) and our raft (number 113 – ‘Knot on Call’). Once the raft was out of sight on the river, the staff took the service users for an afternoon lunch in Monmouth, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The staff members on the raft enjoyed a picnic in the lovely warm weather on the bank of the River Wye.

This event encapsulates the spirit of Aderyn and how we strive to be inclusive to all, by which the service users are an integral part of contributing to the team’s ethos.


Some feedback from service users:

“The event was absolutely outstanding. I am proud of you as a team. The raft did great in the water!”

“I loved it. I was a good laugh!”


The Aderyn team successfully raised a total sum of approximately £250.00 for the St David’s Hospice Charity and Monmouth Rotary Club. 

Aderyn team on the water at the Monmouth Raft Race 2021The Aderyn hospital team at the Monmouth Raft Race 2021